Mouse #7: accountability

I’ve completed 7 poems in the past few days. (I’ve warmed up considerably since my “Spring Shivers”!) Some were brand new; a few were completions of ideas I’d abandoned.

What’s the fire under my literary behind? I hired a sitter and invited my husband to the next Speaking Crow open mic, but having read all my old favourites at the last event, I didn’t have any more fit-for-the-public poems to read.

I’m part of a women’s accountability group at church, where monthly I hear myself confess aloud the selfish, weak, faithless thoughts I’ve held onto for weeks, and watch them fall away, and hear reminders of how far I’ve come and where I strive to be. I’ve been praying for a group of writers to hold me accountable in my writing, to give me monthly feedback, encouragement, and probably most importantly, a deadline. But it has to be the right mix, so I’m not rushing to make a match. In the meantime, a monthly open mic will do nicely. Especially if I keep bringing my own mentees/fans, aka accountability partners, with me.

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