I’ve expired but don’t throw me out before I smell

Hi again!

The idea of 37 Mice was that I would discover 37 strategies to get my creative writing kicking during my 37th year of life. I’ve only written about 8/37 mice, and as of today, I’m no longer 37. But, I’m not going anywhere. I’m still discovering the little nibblers, and I have made progress in the past year:

* I’ve read new, original poems at 3 recent Speaking Crow poetry reading events.
* I’ve handed my 19-page fiction piece (the one I quoted and lamented the pace of in my very first post) to another writer for comments this month, and since hearing her say she loved it, in past couple days, I’ve drafted the remaining scenes. All I need to do is organize and flesh them out a bit, but the tough part is done! I have no doubt it will be ready to fly into the hands of the Prairie Fire writing contest judges by the fall.
* After thinking about it for years, I just (30 seconds ago) emailed a personal essay submission to Brain Child magazine.

So happy birthday to me from my meteorically munching mice!

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